What is Mrs. Schuler Reading Right Now?

Before you look below and discover how many books I am currently reading… I feel I need to give a disclaimer. I always encourage my students to focus on one … maybe two books at one time… and I have CERTAINLY ignored my own advice. If I were to take AR quizzes on these books as I finished I am not very confident that I would score well! I pretty much have a book sitting in every spot in my house that I might have a minute or two to read (including my sons’ diaper bag!). I don’t get much reading time… but when I do I love diving in!

  • Space Case by Stuart Gibbs (started August 2016 – finished 6/23/17)

    • This is the book I am currently reading on my tablet. Since my son often has control of my tablet I have been reading this for awhile! I started reading it because it was on the Mark Twain Nominee list for the 2016-1017 school year. I chose this book because I enjoyed Stuart Gibb’s other Mark Twain Nominee (2012-2013), Belly Up. I didn’t realize before I started that it was the first in a series… so it looks like I will be working on some Stuart Gibbs books for awhile. I am a little over HALF finished with the book and I will say I do find it difficult to stop reading each time. Although this is different from Belly Up because it does not focus on animals … I do like Stuart Gibb’s mystery style. I can’t help but think of certain student readers because Stuart does have a fun way of including some gross humor (potty humor) … in this book he spends awhile talking about the main characters unique toilet situation considering he lives on the moon. Look for my full review when I have finished the book! Wish me luck!
    • Update… as you can see above I finally finished the book. All I am going to say right now is WAY TO GO Stuart Gibbs… you surprised me! … Also… I immediately bought book two in the series! I started reading Spaced Out right away! I LOVED it too!
  • Ghoulish Song by William Alexander (started February 2017)

    • This book is a companion to a book, Goblin Secrets, that I started reading almost by accident. Our local Hastings went out of business and Ghoulish Songs was one of the first books I grabbed in the beginning sales. I grabbed Ghoulish Songs because the character, Kaile, was holding a flute in her hand. I used to play the flute… so the cover pulled me in. After I had purchased Ghoulish Songs,  I discovered that it had a companion book and thought I needed to read it first. I finished reading Goblin Secrets earlier this school year (2016-2017). I haven’t gotten very far into Ghoulish song because I became distracted by the Mark Twain Nominee List for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer (started November 2016)

    • This is another book purchased when my local Hastings was going out of business. I actually bought the entire series to donate to the Sterling Library… I just can’t seem to let them go before I read them. I became interested in this series when I heard Chris Colfer had started writing book. I am a HUGE Glee fan… so I just had to see what type of stories Chris wrote! (If you don’t know Chris Colfer was a main character in the TV show GLEE.) When I discovered it was fantasy … I was HOOKED! I especially love stories that are fractured fairy tales (basically taking the stories we grew up with and expanding or changing how they are told). I also like when “average” kids are suddenly drawn into magical/fantasy worlds! (Harry PotterFableHavenKingdom Keepers… ). I just read a part where Alex and Conner (twins) encounter the Goldilocks character in the Dwarf Forests … she is a pretty intense character… taking on the Big Bad Wolf Pack.
  • Pennyroyal Academy by M.A. Larson

    • Once again this is a selection thanks to the Mark Twain Nominee List (2016-2017). Ms. Harden and I were both so surprised that it wasn’t checked out more seeing that it was in the fantasy genre. When I realized it was being released with a new cover… I decided to give it a read myself. I feel students will be more drawn to the new cover… what do you think? The cover above is the new cover… below the original that we have in our library.

    • Again… I am not very far… I have too many books going at once… but this fantasy starts off so mysteriously… that I have a hard time putting it down.