I have been missing from my blog for TOO long! Time to get back into the swing of this! No better time than this crazy stay at home Co-vid 19 craziness. Not only that but starting July 1st, (I officially signed the contract TODAY) I will be the K-12 Library Media Specialist for the Leeton R-X School District. I am beyond excited to start my time as a librarian. I am finishing up my fifth year as a library / tech aid… and my 17th year with the Warrensburg School District… 12 as a teacher… 5 as the library aide!

I love reading… and when most adults hear me say that they ask if I have read the most recent Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Stephen King, David Balacci, Nora Roberts,…. book. Then I break it to them… I read Children’s Literature and a little YA (Young Adult)… now that will be changing since the kids I work with will now span from PK – 12th grade. On top of that, as part of my position with Leeton I will also technically be the director of the Express Branch of Trails Regional… our local public library. So I will need to up my game at least a little bit as far as those authors I mentioned above!

I haven’t written much here in about 2 years… the sad part… some of the books that had been on my “currently reading” list… are still not finished! I still have many of the same reading goals… reading all the Mark Twain Nominees (one of MASL’s yearly readers awards)… but I will now be adding the Truman and Gateway books! I was already reading the Show-Me nominees… and for the 2021-2022 school year we will have the Dogwood Award (for non fiction). I still want to read all the Newbery Winners and would like to add some other awards to my list! Having two little ones at home (6 and 4 year old boys) makes getting a lot of reading completed a bit difficult. I also have my academic reading to do as I am still working towards my LIS degree!

My next few blogs and pages should be about my current reading and TBR lists! Stay tuned! 🙂