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2018-2019 Mark Twain Nominees

Below is the 2018-2019 Mark Twain Award Final Nominees.

The books with the ☆ are the books I predicted to make the final list.

Framed! A T.O.A.S.T Mystery James Ponti

 The Seventh Wish – Kate Messner

Another great book by Kate Messner. The subject of the book is pretty heavy, Charlie’s big sister goes away to college and becomes a different person due to drug addiction. Even though the content is heavy Kate Messner deals with the subject BEAUTIFULLY! She shows us drug addiction through the eyes of a twelve-year-old girl looking at her much adored older sister.

Moo – Sharon Creech

Another beautiful written book in verse by Sharon Creech. Moo is such a quirky story thanks to the character, Mrs. Falala. Mrs. Falala is the neighbor that siblings, Reena and Luke help at the suggestion of their mom. While Reena thought her move to Maine would be full of blueberries and time at the beach… she ends up forming a fantastic bond with Mrs. Falala and her stubborn cow, Zora.

 Counting Thyme – Melanie Conklin

Such a raw look into the family of a children with cancer. The effect the disease has on the parents and siblings of the child. Counting Thyme has you holding your breath to see if eleven-year-old Thyme can make her way back to California and her old friend or if she will settle into her new life in New York. Will Val, Thyme’s little brother, benefit from the new cancer drug trial? So many things to learn… and ways to have your heartstrings pulled.

Maxi’s Secrets Lynn Plourde

When Friendship Followed Me Home Paul Griffin

I have to lay my thoughts on the line… this book was my favorite this year! Paul Griffin managed to surprise me at every plot twist… even when I knew what was coming. I started to root for Ben, Halley, and Flip like they were my own friends. Their heartbreak was my heartbreak, their joy was my joy! This book had ALL the feels!

Soar  Joan Bauer

BASEBALL! Once again a sports book pulled me in… of course it helps that the story starts in St. Louis… home of THE best baseball team! I am usually not one to get drawn into a sports book… but this book was that and SO much more! Jeremiah wants nothing more than to play baseball… but thanks to a heart transplant at a young age… that isn’t going to be easy. That doesn’t stop him from helping a town that has had it’s heart for baseball stolen away, get back on the right track.

 Ghosts Raina Telgemeier

I downloaded, read and finished this book in one day! I sincerely hope it makes the final list. It was a Newbery Honor book! I was so excited for Ghosts… because it was the first Graphic Novel to make it to the Mark Twain Final Nomination list.

Save Me a Seat Sarah Weeks & Gita Varadarajan

Unbound –  Ann E. Burg

Ghost – Jason Reynolds

Nine, Ten: A September 11th Story – Nora Raleigh Baskin

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